killing him with praise

The most important thing in life is
to truly enjoy every day,
but I never intend to force this idea
on those who find it difficult.

When I was young, I also thought
that “everyday joy” was a dream.
However, after experiencing many things,
I could create an environment in which
I can enjoy every day.

Based on the average life expectancy,
it looks like I only have a single
digit left. So, if I didn’t enjoy every day,
there would be no point in living.

The most important condition for
“fun” is the absence of anxiety in one’s life.
It is not necessary to be rich.
For this reason, I have worked hard
to save money since I was young.
So now I have no worries about surviving.

The next most important condition for an enjoyable life
would be human relationships. I have
about 50 intense contacts, including employees.
Not all of these people work conveniently for me.
That is why I have found a way to keep
these moody people out of my world and
have created a comfortable environment.

In this world, it is healthier to praise
than to scold or get angry. Therefore,
I try not to do anything that is harmful
to my health, such as blaming or trying
to persuade people. I praise them thoroughly.
This way of thinking supports my current health.

For example, when someone constantly complains
about how busy he or she is at work,
I say to them, “Since you seem to be busy every day,
I’ll assign someone to help you.
Of course, in the back of my mind, I are thoroughly gentle,
with the intention of eventually taking all the work away
from that employee and finally moving him or her to a place out of sight.

In this way, I gently and kindly relieve
the person of his/her busyness, act like a Buddha,
and finally erase him/her from my sight.
In this way, a pleasant workplace with no unpleasant employees is created.

Also, if someone I don’t like is in a volunteer group,
I can quickly quit the group because of my illness.
Again, no persuasion or asking.
Because it would be silly to get sick for contributing
to society at the last moment.

In this way, I have created an environment
where I can enjoy and have fun every day.

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