I don’t ask for much.

I am happily working with 40 employees.
When I look at the faces of my employees,
I‘m always worried if they are enjoying
their work.

I’ve rarely been angry at my employees.
Because I was able to live a good life
without being offended by my parents,
I believe that there is no need to be
angry at my employees.

That is why I am often asked,
“Why do you work so happily?
Perhaps it’s because in the company
I head, I live my life believing in my
subordinates, not expecting them
to give me perfect scores.

I imagine that my mother never got angry
at me for the same reason.
I think she believed that
this son would someday correct his course
and grow up to be a fine person,
so she didn’t get angry and enjoyed
raising her son.

If an employee made a mistake,
the mistake would be announced at a
meeting. Of course, we don’t say who
made the mistake. They discuss why
the mistake happened and how to prevent
others from making similar mistakes.

Since our job is to take care of lives,
we always need to pick up mistakes
while they are still small.
It is more important to “share mistakes
than blame them” to raise the overall level.
By not getting angry,
I am able to keep my health and the minds
of my employees in good condition.

Furthermore, when I don’t expect others
to give me perfect scores, the resentment
and anger that I would never forget will
fade away. This is something I especially
want to tell young people who are thinking
about killing themselves. Yes, there is
no event that has not disappeared in your
mind over the past five years, even
if it was so unpleasant that you wanted
to kill yourself.

So, don’t blame others, don’t ask too much,
believe in your future, and just live
happily. Because life is very short, and
that’s all we have. If you live happily,
the god of luck will smile upon you.

That’s how I’ve walked my life path.

カテゴリー: こころ・人生 パーマリンク


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