The Love of Old Age

I would like to say to those who are
in love with someone after aging.
“You should be more moderate.”

I have a friend who spent a lot of
money on an old love and ended up
penniless, saying, “I want to spend
all my money before I die.” Ten years
have passed since then, and he is now
living a miserable old life.
Even though I have warned him many
times, he is still unable to die.

Many of my students do not have any
plan for their retirement in their
40’s , and their income will
definitely decrease in their 70’s
and beyond.

So they need to live carefully to
prepare for this in their 40’s.
However, there are many people
in their 50’s who are taking energy
pills and playing around, thinking
that they are still “active” and
making their old age miserable.

Peace, national power, and nature
are not your responsibility because
they are luck, but health, money,
and friends can be taken care of
by your own attitude. I would
like you to live out your 50’s
seriously in preparation
for a long old age.

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