Pressure makes you stronger.

If you were born in a family where
your grandfather, father, and older
brother all graduated from the
University of Tokyo, it would be
inevitable that you will feel pressure
to get into the University of Tokyo.
Even if you are not told to enter
the University of Tokyo ,
you will feel that pressure.

In other words, even if you are not
told to study, you will be forced
to go to your desk. But even so,
it would not be surprising
if there are people who hate
studying and cannot face their desks

I was like that. I didn’t like to study,
in fact I didn’t study but I think that
pressure helped me a lot in my life.
I believe that such pressures are
necessary in life, even if a child
fails to meet his father’s expectations.

In such cases, I suggest that it is
good for fathers to be strict with
their children. Fathers can be strict,
but mothers should not be strict.
This balance is the most important
to bring up the children.

This is because I believe that this
pressure makes the children much
stronger. There is no society without
pressure in this world.

But even in such a situation,
I want you to create a place to
escape. Without a place to escape,
families often fall apart.

It depends on the amount of pressure.
I am helping my grandchildren learn
to gain high EQ under pressure. What
is important in life is a moderate IQ
and a excellent EQ.

カテゴリー: 子育て・学び パーマリンク


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