Have you ever been worried about
the borderline between cheating
and not cheating ?
Let’s think about this subject today.

What does “cheating” sound to you ?
Many people get to know someone
at gatherings such as a drinking party.
(Of course in my sentences a drinking
party means a mixed gender party)

I’m writing this while remembering the lyric
of ‘Tennessee Waltz’ Do you know this song ?
“I was dancing with my darling to the
Tennessee Waltz, when an old friend I happened
to see. I introduced her to my loved one.
And while they were dancing,
my friend stole my sweetheart from me.”

Of course I know most people never think
that going to a drinking party is
a kind of cheating even in Japan.
But as American old song says,
we can guess what will happen in a
drinking party. What is the main purpose of
a drinking party for you ?

If you see someone you like there,
you will go up him or her even
if you have a partner or you are married.
So, I think that it is a kind of cheating
to go to a mixed gender drinking party.
What’s your opinion about this ?

I know people’s opinion differs in this case.
But at least my ex-girlfriend never went
to a mixed-gender drinking party
while we had been dating for 5 years.

What do you think about my ex-girlfriend ?
Is she conservative ?
Or is she too sincere ?
Or am I too strict to her ?

I’m now thinking about “sincerity”


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